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Document Scanning


Having a lot of boxes filled with folders and documents at the office can take up a lot of space, and becomes very difficult to trace, find and share information to your clients, or within your employees. The Miami-Downtown Brickell area is one of the most expensive areas to rent office space in America at an average cost of $50 per square foot, and having rooms full of documents is counter productive and very expensive.

Document Scanning Services are provided by Copy Print Scan Solutions at a reasonable rate. We pickup the boxes, prepare each folder taking out all paper clips, staples and other items attached to the documents. We then proceed to scan this documents in one batch, or multiple batches (as you prefer) and index each file or folder, so that the documents can be found easily later on, by using PDF/OCR (searchable PDF documents). We then upload the documents directly to the client's server or use our cloud base system so that they can have easy access to the documents. At the end all documents are shredded securely.


ocr-document-scanningFor more information please contact Copy Print Scan Solutions at 305-200-8740 or via email at info@copyprintscansolutions.com.