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Polytype printer

Polytype printer Do you need coater, lacquer or something else for your polytype printer? Good thing you found this website. This is the online home of Montebello Machinery & Spare Parts. If you're searching for new or used printers, copiers, canners, cappers or other industrial machinery, this is the first place to look. Chances are good that we've got what you need.

Have you checked the retail price of a brand new offset polytype printer lately? Did you faint when you saw the price tag? That's quite understandable. At the time of this writing, Montebello Machinery & Spare Parts is offering a five-draw, five-color printer unit for around thirty grand. These are used polytype printing machines that will require a bit of refurbishing before they can go back on the production line. We've got the rubber rollers and plates that go with the polytype machines and the spare parts they require, as well. A used printer costs a whole lot less than something brand new, and can still do the job for a number of years. When you're on a budget, used gear and industrial equipment from Montebello Machinery & Spare Parts may be precisely the bargain you're hoping to find. We buy and sell all sorts of industrial equipment. When you are ready to upgrade, ask us about selling your used gear to Montebello.

Purchasing a high quality polytype printer is as easy as visiting this website and placing an order. Montebello Machinery & Spare Parts is located in Lebanon, Kentucky, but we pack and ship to practically every corner of the globe. If brand new industrial machinery too costly at this time, you may find what you need, used, here in our catalog. We buy and sell a range of new and used industrial production and packaging machines and other industrial production line equipment. Browse our catalog, and you will review a range of production equipment, bearings, motors, belts and all sorts of spare parts. Polytype printer

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