Remote workstation

Remote workstation

Staying productive can be difficult as more people try to cope with Covid-19 challenges and work from home instead of the office. Many businesses are investing in powerful remote workstations with specific hardware and software configurations to improve productivity. These workstations are essential for businesses with a global platform, which wants to address the challenges of connecting staff from different countries. The only problem with these workstations is that few people ever think of the possibility of cyberattacks and how they can fortify the business to facilitate better growth and safe communication.

The risks of a remote workstation

Nobody wants to think that they will be the next business that suffers a cyber attack. It is common for small business owners to only think about software breaches when they hear of it in large corporations and may still not take proper measures to safeguard against threats effectively. The truth is that thousands of small businesses are more vulnerable to attacks because they often have vulnerable software and systems. Continue reading below to learn more about the remote desktop station and what you can do to secure operations. 

What is a remote desktop station?

The remote desktop is a platform that allows you to control the desktop from a remote location as you would do in person. The remote desktop has several built-in software like an operating system so that you can start and use it as a typical desktop application.

The easiest way to imagine it is to use your at-home PC to view duplicate files and applications on your work desktop. What could go wrong with a remote workstation?

Threats of working on a remote workstation

Cybercriminals have a lot of tools available to get through the most robust networks. They can access vital information like login credentials, profile details, and sensitive data of paramount value to your business and clients. It is straightforward for most hackers to get your network’s credentials once they know how to get through the authentication protection. How can you protect yourself and your firm against these attacks?

What we do for you

GPL Tech installs and manages different aspects of the remote workstation. We have noticed and observed security protocols that protect your virtual private network. Some of these solutions include the following:

Limit IPs

A potential solution is to limit the number of IPs that can access your network so you have a strong perimeter against unauthorized access.

Virtual private network

The VPN is a commonly implemented solution that mitigates your system against all potential threats. We may have to install a VPN infrastructure to guard against inherent risks and patch common security issues.

Virtual desktop

The remote desktop implements control the access that only allows users to log in with specific login data. This approach makes it easy for us to implement security features across the board and determine the exact point at which your system becomes vulnerable to threats.

Organizations that are using our remote workstation have a dedicated team and system to assess security gaps and strengthen your network. Contact us online to book a consultation and let us help in setting up a safe and secure vast network for your staff.


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