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Tradeshow Tablet Rental

Tradeshow Tablet Rental

Pew Research states that forty-two percent of all adults above eighteen years old own a tablet. Trade show exhibitors are quickly adopting this leading technology for its impressive graphics, ease of use with trade show equipment rentals and robust processing abilities.

Ways you can use a tradeshow tablet rental

Survey administration

An iPad rental is perfect for survey administration because they are light to commute an area while inputting data with ease. They also allow fast connectivity to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or the Internet, hence allowing fast sharing of all necessary information.

Additionally, several data application applications make data collection easy and seamless. Some rent iPads for events with app installations of forms, payment platforms, automated messaging, and surveys.


IPad rentals are greats for bringing traffic to your trade show booth. They are engaging and interactive to support the enjoyment of children from conferences.

Quick sales

An iPad station has a quick setup process as trade show kiosk rentals. The consumer simply has to attach a credit card reader to complete the transaction and facilitate several sales transactions. Payment apps that can calculate tax and itemize activities like labor and parts while giving quick digital receipts.

It is essential to decide between a tradeshow tablet rental and a purchase. Use the following questions as guidelines for the best transaction setup.

  • Number of tradeshows you should attend
  • Possibility of a company rebrand
  • Requiring the same or different tablets and booths for different shows
  • Size of needed tradeshow tablet

Benefits of giant tablet rentals


Renting makes the transition of a rebrand easier than it does with a purchase. You can easily change the layout of the booth and the software, according to the developer’s rental agreement. Renting allows you to purchase a different configuration display every time you have a tradeshow until you can find one that will serve your long-term purposes. 


Renting also allows you to maintain a strict timeline of tradeshows. You simply have to work with a generic tablet setting instead of purchasing and customizing multiple ones with short turnaround time.

Renting also allows you to have a feel of the benefit you may generate from the event. We will give you the effect of a customized display without the commitment of a specific format.


Renting is the best option when you have financial constraints. A startup company of sole proprietorship could benefit from the reduced fees while attending tradeshows becomes a significant income generator.

When should you buy a tradeshow tablet?

Sufficient capital

iPad rental for trade shows is highly beneficial when the company has multiple exhibitions. It makes better sense to purchase the 55-inch tablet screen when your business can regenerate the initial investment and ongoing maintenance fees. These fees may include the ownership amounts, labor fee for every setup, and electrical bill at the tradeshow.

Easy customization

Upgrading to purchase allows for complete customization of all iPad and tablet rentals. We will develop the display to meet the specifications of the brand and the tradeshow, and improve the sales generation.

Our goal is to give you stellar results while saving production money. Browse through our list of displays to decide which one is the best as a tradeshow tablet rental.  

Tradeshow Tablet Rental
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