6L90E transmission

Every company produces faulty products from time to time. The 6L90E transmission is the redheaded stepchild of GM, a company known for producing rugged and reliable work trucks, cargo vans, and box trucks. While it can shift flawlessly and better than many other counterparts, there are known problems. Gearstar helps replace you upgrade your old transmission with a more powerful option that can get you out of park and onto the track.

Is the 6L90 a good transmission?

The 6L90 transmission is not a terrible transmission. In fact, it is a high-performance component capable of handling up to 700 horsepower. Along with the 6L80 model, this transmission powers the best cars and trucks that GM offers.

The 6L90E is not terrible by specification but contains inherent design flaws. Known issues include:

  • Not shifting out of park
  • Popping out of park randomly
  • A loud rattling sound when in reverse

The plucking rod actuator assembly causes these issues because it is known to fail. Moisture is known to enter the casing as well, destroying major components that keep your car running at all.

6L90 transmission swap

A 6L90 transmission swap eliminates these issues with performance parts and quality manufacturing processes. Gearstar certifies every six-liter transmission before you use it. With one of the best warranties in the industry, you know that you are receiving a product you can trust.

A transmission upgrade gets you on the road and track quickly. Since the 6L90E powers many pickups such as the Silverado, businesses should look to upgrade as quickly as possible.

Which cars have a 6L90E transmission?

GM uses the 6L90 transmission on different trucks, passenger, and cargo vans. The superior torque handling and weight capacity work well in commercial, construction, and industrial settings.

The Silverado, Express, Sierra, and Savana started using this model in 2007 and continue to do so today. This makes the common issues worse due to the payloads and high usage that these vehicles usually handle.

What transmission can I swap with my 6L90E?

When you are ready to swap for a new transmission, there are options. The 6L90 MYD offers the same features you love without many of the issues.

Consider the 6L90 MYD transmission specs:

  • 452 maximum horsepower
  • 531 maximum lb-ft of torque
  • 885 lb-ft maximum gearbox torque
  • 15-ton maximum weight

This transmission compares directly with the 6L90 E in every way but comes with none of the known issues related to the factory model. These transmissions come with the latest generation friction and steels to improve reliability.

Where can I purchase 6L90 MYD transmissions?

6L90 MYD transmissions replace the 6L90E transmissions with a reliable and updated model. Whereas the factory parts on your Silverado, Express, or Sierra notoriously fail to pop out of par or do so randomly, Gearstar’s MYD model does not. We inspect every product to ensure that it lives up to our high-quality standards and back them with an industry-leading warranty.

Get in touch with us today to find out how to upgrade your stock transmission. Call us at (330) 434-521.

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