Frankly, corporations are not set up for planning and administrating safe, timely, and cost-effective employee relocations. It often makes more sense to outsource these delicate functions to a trusted employee relocation company like WHR Group. Still, choosing a corporate relocation provider is not easy as 1,2, 3, and it should probably never be a simple decision, as there is much at stake when outsourcing corporate transfers to an employee relocation company. 


Here are a few tips to consider when choosing your corporate relocation provider to ensure that you and your employees have the best experience:


1. Services Offered

No two employee relocation assignments are identical in needs, work, scope, duration, placement, accommodations, etc. Each employee will have their personal needs, preferences, and limitations to be considered. Choosing an experienced, family-owned employee relocation company like WHR Group means that your employees will have access to the most personable and personalized, tailored services possible.


In terms of global mobility management, there are few corporate relocation services comparable to our quality and reputation. This is because WHR Group has invested the time, money, and resources to master every aspect of corporate relocation over many years. Testing, observing, and improving our offerings is what makes WHR Group cutting edge in the corporate relocation sector.


2. Reputation

Assuming that you find an employee relocation company that offers all the services you want, knowing how long they have been in business and their reputation will help you choose wisely. WHR Group is proud to stand on a five-star rating from our many satisfied clients. WHR Group is the only logical choice if reputation is a must. Feel free to look up our reviews online to see what our clients say about us. Please, we encourage you to do so.

WHR Group is a family-owned business that has never changed hands. Today's values and priorities are the same as the day WHR was founded. Our vision is to provide unrivaled corporate relocation services by going above and beyond the rest of our competitors. Indeed, excellent service is WHR Group's top priority. Our professional leadership team is available to our clients round the clock.


3. Customer Service

What do you do when your employee is homesick and depressed and needs someone to talk to at 1:30 AM? It would help if you had a dedicated relocation provider who prides themself on excellent customer care for situations like that. WHR Group is available for all of our client's needs 24/7/365. We are responsive, and we communicate well. We make sure that our clients understand every step of the relocation process, and we deal with their needs as they arise.


Call Us to Discuss Your Employee Relocation

WHR Group would be glad to accommodate if you would like a free consultation. Let us see if our company is the right match for your company. At least, you will gain insight and free tips that will help you no matter what company you choose. WHR Group hopes to be that company. Give us a call at your earliest convenience.


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