Sheer Ribbon

When people see our name, TK Ribbons & More, they assume that we stock and sell an assortment of sheer ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, organza ribbon, Chantilly lace, satin edge and other kinds of decorative ribbons. What they (and you) might not know is what we mean by “And More.”

Here are just a sampling of the “And More” sorts of things you’ll find in our extensive online catalog:

  • Tassels
  • Cords and ropes
  • Gift boxes and gift tins
  • Clear hexagonal presentation boxes
  • Corsage and bouquet ribbons
  • Embossed clasp boxes
  • Fabric gift bags
  • Wired ribbon
  • Double-faced satin ribbon
  • Velvet ribbon
  • Silk ribbon
  • Raffia ribbon
  • Floral print ribbon

If it’s sheer ribbon that you wish to purchase today, you’re sure to be delighted by our extensive selection of striped, plain and decorated sheer ribbons. Planning a party for your poodle? Be sure to keep a roll of paw-printed organza sheer ribbon on hand. Wedding planners who work with wired ribbon for making centerpieces and festoons say it’s a dream come true to work with. If you are a wholesale customer, we can put together an excellent assortment of sheer ribbons for your approval.

Sheer ribbons impart an airy elegance anywhere you use them. Ribbons are an affordable way to add interest to any event. Ribbons are also right for personal decoration, including hair ties, headbands and as choker style necklaces. You can find several online how-to video guides that will show you step-by-step instructions for creating professional-looking gift bows with our sheer ribbon and wired ribbon products.

If you are planning décor for an upcoming holiday, tell us about it, and we’ll do our best to make sure you have all the holiday ribbon you need well in advance of your event. Even better, lay in a good supply of ribbons, gift boxes, sheer ribbon, wired ribbon and other supplies. Do that, and any last minute gift boxes you need to come up with will be easily accomplished without rushing out for additional goods.

Sheer ribbon is the ideal ingredient for a wonderful range of craft and art projects. Versatile and lovely, ribbons can be cut to any length you require. Stored in a zip storage bag, your ribbon can last indefinitely. Of course, you’ll probably use your ribbons to make wonderful things and come back for more again and again. If you ever need customer service, we’ll provide a quality interaction that leaves you satisfied. We’re understandably proud of our reputation, so we do everything we can to keep it shining. From quality goods to exceptional service, TK Ribbons & More wants to be your one-stop ribbon shop.

Should you wish to purchase from TK Ribbons & More, please understand that we accept orders only for $100 or more. We are a top wholesale ribbon supplier located in California, but we pack and ship sheer ribbon to virtually any corner of the globe. For wholesale inquiries, please call 877-862-2037 at your earliest convenience.

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