Why Copy Print Scan Solutions

Copy Print Scan Solutions is a boutique office equipment company. We sell, service, finance and rent new and refurbish multi-function Canon copier equipment.

Our company offers all inclusive service contracts, so that you as a client do not have to worry about equipment repairs, purchasing supplies, and dealing with multiple vendors to accomplish the copying, printing, scanning and faxing needs of your organization. We also offer a fix cost per copy, so that copying/printing costs are controlled within your organization.

Canon offers a wide variety of multi-function copier equipment. From startup companies to large size organizations, no matter how small or big your organization and needs are, we always have a solution to your needs.

Using state of the art multi-function copier technology offered by Canon, your organization will be able to:

  • Copy or Print documents at high speed in color or black & white, create booklets, watermarks, hole punch, page number, reduce/enlarge, delete and crop edges, and use over 20 additional functions.
  • Scan documents to a workstation, file or via email, as a PDF, TIFF, JPG or XPS file, to one or multiple locations at once. Users will be able to name their scanned documents, encrypt, password protect, OCR, compress, and use over 20 additional functions.
  • Send Faxes conventionally (print and fax), or electronically (via the network directly to the unit without having to print and fax), as well as to receive them conventionally (printed) or electronically (via the network as a PDF file to a file/folder or email address).