Copier Leasing Miami FL

Leasing copiers in Miami and the South Florida area is a service that Copy Print Scan Solutions provides to their clients. 95% of our clients prefer to lease their copier/printing equipment vs. buying it outright (cash transaction). Here are the most popular reasons why:

  1. Cash flow.
  2. The lease payment is deductible as an operating expense 100%.
  3. Since technology in the Office Equipment industry changes every 3-5 years, clients like to have the option to easily upgrade the equipment during the lease term (usually after 75% of the chosen term).
  4. No down payment is required.

We offer a wide variety of leasing companies, with very competitive rates. Terms vary from 12 months all the way up to 60 months, so that the copier you chose fits your budget.

Here is an example of lease rates for a $10,000 transaction on a new copier:

Term (months) 36 48 60
Lease Payment $278 $230 $187
End of lease purchase options Fair Market Value Fair Market Value Fair Market Value

Copier leasing is very simple when you chose Copy Print Scan Solutions. We offer new and refurbish Canon copier equipment with leasing options from as low as $179 per month. Considered the best Miami copier leasing company, Copy Print Scan Solutions will always offer you a wide variety of multi-function black & white or color copiers, new or refurbish, at very reasonable lease payments. Leasing a copier is very simple through Copy Print Scan Solutions.

All of our lease agreements are separate from our service agreements. This benefits our customers, since the lease agreement is a financial obligation that must be met until the last payment, yet the service agreement is not. For example: if a customer needs to move their company to another city, they can simply cancel our service agreement (all is needed is a 30 day written notice) without penalties of any kind, and create a new service agreement with an authorized Canon dealer at the city they are moving to. Canon USA has over 1,000 authorized dealers in the United States, and more than 10,000 worldwide. Copy Print Scan Solutions would assist with the service contract transition. 

New copier equipment has a residual value of Fair Market Value at the end of the lease. Fair Market Value is normally the following: 

  • 30% of the financed amount on a 36 month lease.
  • 25% of the financed amount on a 48 month lease.
  • 20% of the financed amount on a 60 month lease.

For example, if you finance $10,000 for 48 months, and would like to purchase the equipment at lease end, you would have to pay $2,500.

Since all Fair Market Value lease give you the option to buy out the equipment, return it, or trade it in, most companies prefer to trade it in. This way they can have a new machine with the latest technology available to them.

Refurbished/Used copier equipment have a residual value of $1 at the end of the lease. Interest rates compared to leasing new equipment are higher; however, you get to keep the copier equipment at the end of the lease without having to deal with a balloon payment. Since Canon guarantees parts, consumables, service and support for a minimum of 10 years for each of their products, you would be able to maintain a service contract long after the lease has expired.